Self-healing, depression, peace
Depression, Mental Health, Self-care

How do you heal a wounded mind?

Can our mind become sick? Well, I’m no doctor, but it sure felt like mine was. After years of severe depression, mistreatment and not paying attention to it, I think my mind had become very sick and tired. Like a rotten fruit, it was iving birth to completely fucked-up thought patterns. I suppose it was all a result of mental…

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6 practical tips for drinking (way) more water

It’s only now that I drink a lot more water that I am able to recognise the impact dehydration had/still has on me. When I don’t drink enough water, I experience brain fog, feel more tired, moody; my eyes and tongue are dry, I have headaches, poor sleep, trouble focusing and my skin looks awful. The thing is, I was…

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Jogger in winter storm
Healthy Habits, Self-care, Self-Management

Running outside in winter: what it feels like to run in cold weather

Running, especially running outside in winter (that’s Canadian winters, btw) has had a significant impact on my ability to regulate my thoughts and emotions. Running outside in the cold has not only the “typical” physical health benefits associated with exercise, but it also greatly improves my focus and impacts my ability to manage stress throughout the day. It has been…

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