Daily rituals
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26 realistic daily rituals for a more grateful day

Being thankful and practicing gratitude have played, and still do, a major role in my recovery from depression and anxiety. The challenge is, like everything worth doing in life, you must do it regularly and consistently to reap the benefits. Sadly, gratitude expressed only once every blue moon will not do much for your general well-being and mental health; you…

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Self-healing, depression, peace
Depression, Mental Health, Self-care

How do you heal a wounded mind?

Can our mind become sick? Well, I’m no doctor, but it sure felt like mine was. After years of severe depression, mistreatment and not paying attention to it, I think my mind had become very sick and tired. Like a rotten fruit, it was iving birth to completely fucked-up thought patterns. I suppose it was all a result of mental…

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