strong man hand - inner strength
Mindset, Self-Management

31 Inspiring Quotes For Inner Strength and Resilience

When life gets tough and things seem insurmountable, there’s something inside all of us that helps us keep going. Like a superpower that keeps us strong in the face of adversity, and helps us get back up when life knocks us down. That superpower is our inner strength (or resilience). Challenges, failures, and hardships are inevitable. But it is our…

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woman saying no
Relationships, Self-Management

The Surprising Way We Learn to Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is often misunderstood as simply saying no to people. While this aspect is part of it, it only scratches the surface of what boundary-setting truly entails. The surprising reality is that the journey of establishing (healthy) boundaries is not about others; it begins with oneself. Boundaries With Yourself We learn to effectively set boundaries, not by focusing on…

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self-management skills
Self-Management, Transformation

11 Essential Self-Management Skills You Need To Unf*ck Your Life

The self-management skills described below have enabled me to master myself, my feelings, thoughts, and actions, and transform my life. Learning how to manage myself has been one of the best decisions I ever made. After over a decade of depression, loneliness, chronic pain, and misery, it was like discovering a hidden part of myself. One that finally understood the…

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