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Here’s What an Abundant Money Mindset Actually Feels Like (I Think)

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An abundant money mindset is not just about visualizing yourself flying in private jets and owning luxury cars. As long as I thought like that, I remained stuck in a scarcity mindset, partly because I did not identify with this picture at all.

The truth is, an abundant money mindset can be something completely different. That’s why I thought we could explore in this article what it truly feels like to have an abundant money mindset.

I’m bringing this up because I think is my money mindset is finally changing, and it took three years.

In 2020-2021, I realized I had numerous limiting beliefs about money, but I didn’t fully understand how deeply my scarcity mindset was affecting other areas of my life.

And so, when I embarked on a conscious journey to deconstruct all these limiting beliefs I carried about money, wealth and whatnot, and hopefully shift my mindset, I discovered that my relationship to scarcity and abundance extended far beyond money.

An abundant mindset is the belief that there are enough resources and opportunities for everyone, fostering a sense of possibility and empowerment.

This means you can feel abundant when it comes to money, sure; but you can also feel abundant when it comes to health, love, nature, food, relationships, opportunities, joy, etc.

That’s actually the right way you become truly abundant. That’s also why I wanted to write this post on what it truly feels like to have an abundant money mindset.

I’ll try to describe the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that defined this transformative shift for me personally. Hopefully, it can help you pinpoint how you can create more of this feeling of abundance in your life as well.

abundant money mindset

1. I feel lighter; worries around money are gone

Although I am what many people would call “broke”, I feel lighter and (relatively) unburdened by it.

As if, somehow, I know everything is going to be alright.

Even though my bank account might be small, I no longer feel the constant weight of financial stress. Instead of focusing on the absence of money in my account, I am able to see the abundance of opportunities and potential around me.

Besides, this shift in my mindset allows me to appreciate the money I do have.

The fact is, I can pay my bills and cover my immediate expenses, and have been for the past 4 years, despite losing my job (after my diagnosis), working odd jobs, freelancing, and starting my businesses.

At the moment, I am in a state of gratitude for every bit of financial resource available to me, no matter how tiny or big.

2. I feel energized

Having an abundant money mindset fills me with energy and enthusiasm.

It’s like seeing the world through a lens of limitless possibilities.

I feel empowered by the abundance of opportunities available to me and the capabilities I possess. The two combined, lead to a constant stream of ideas and projects.

Seriously though, I am so eager to work on things, I can barely sleep!

Overall, it’s like I am constantly buzzing with energy, passion, and determination. It’s pretty awesome!

3. Excited about the future

Honestly, having an abundant way of thinking brings a certain level of enthusiasm to my daily life, and I’m all for it.

Each day feels like a fresh start, filled with potential for growth, achievements, rich encounters, epiphanies, self-discovery, etc.

Instead of fearing everything, like time passing, the possibility of getting hurt or rejected by other people, doors closing… I, instead see abundance everywhere, and it creates a sense of continuous excitement that keeps me motivated and looking forward to what the future holds.

4. At peace

I feel a lot more at peace and I think it has to do with this new sense of abundance that has become my new normal.

Instead of focusing on what I lack (which causes worry, anxiety, regret, resentment, frustration, and a plethora of negative emotions), I now appreciate the abundance already present in my life, whether it’s already there or is on its way.

Doing this eliminates worries and frees up my energy. I am now able to concentrate on the positive, and I feel a thousand times more tranquil.

abundant money mindset nature
Credit: S. Christiaens

Honestly, the more I do this “personal transformation thing”, the more I am convinced that happiness is not a state of euphoric joy; happiness is peace.

And, an abundance mindset brings a whole lot of peace.

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5. It feels like abundance is coming my way all the time, not just in the form of money

By continuously aiming to cultivate an abundant money mindset, I finally understood that abundance flows in various forms.

An abundant money mindset is not just about financial wealth; it’s about an abundance of health, friendships, love, opportunities, customers, ideas, and inspiration.

abundant money mindset

I was forced to adopt a holistic view of abundance that goes beyond money, and the result is a constant feeling of being surrounded by positive experiences.

6. I have faith in my abilities regardless if the money is here or not

One of the most amazing aspects of this new-found abundance mindset is this newly acquired faith in my own abilities.

Whether or not my bank account knows it, I trust in my skills, talents, and potential. I know I am a smart, capable woman who always strives to do my best in every situation.

This self-confidence helps me remain proactive and resilient instead of anxious, worried, and scared. I don’t make myself smaller or respond to perceived threats with aggressivity; instead, I act more bravely, because I know I have what it takes to attract and create wealth over time.

Honestly, when you feel that way, you walk differently in the world; people can feel it, and they treat you differently. Heck, you treat yourself differently.

And this is how you ultimately create wealth.

It really does start within.

7. Fulfillment over wealth

Let me illustrate this point with an example.

When you’re broke, you try to squeeze every dime out of potential clients, fearing they might take everything they can from you without paying.

But here’s the thing, I want to be a business coach/consultant. And I wasn’t doing that. What I was doing was chasing money, and struggling to pay my bills while landing unfulfilling gigs.

So, I decided to reach out to the kind of businesses/people I would want to work with and just talk to them. I became genuinely interested in them, learned about their pain points, troubles, and difficulties, and offered solutions and advice whenever I felt I had something valuable to contribute.

business coaching
Credit: Canva

I wasn’t trying to sell anything; I was just happy to provide as much free value as possible and learn from the experience.

Well, by doing that I got more leads and requests for coaching and consulting than I did the full year before by advertising my services.

Shifting my mindset around money has helped me understand that true fulfillment comes from pursuing passions, not money in itself. Money is important, but it’s not the primary focus.

Instead, when I take action, I now prioritize fulfillment and meaning, and I’m slowly discovering that financial rewards naturally follow.

As Kyle Cease puts it: “Follow the 10s”.

8. I am even able to let go of (bad) relationships more easily

In the past, I held on to people as if my life depended on it.

I think, deep down, I felt like if I were to lose that person, I could never find another one (friend, boyfriend, family member, esteemed coworker, etc.) like them, or who would care about me like they did.

Now, of course, I still fight for the people I love. But I am also able to recognize when it’s time to let them go. And if it is, then it’s because we are not meant to continue together.

Maybe we will meet again, maybe someone better will come along. Maybe not.

But in any case, I’ll be alright because there is an abundance of people, love, opportunities, friends, and support out there.

Sometimes, even strangers can be a source of incredible support and kindness in your darkest hour.

An abundant mindset is kind of like faith.

Although it all feels like I started feeling abundant overnight, the shift did not happen overnight. This transformation away from a scarcity mindset and overall state toward an abundant mindset has been the result of more than four years of conscious inner work, including exercises, readings, research, and journaling.

It’s just that, for 4 years it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere… But I persisted, until one day, I woke up and everything felt different.

I had finally transformed.

Kind of like bamboo, growing underground for years before one day showing its stems above ground.

Embracing an abundance mindset has radically transformed my entire approach to life, and I’m pretty excited to see where it takes me next.

Lately, I’ve been doing things I never thought myself capable of, simply because I’ve been following what feels good (and not just money). I look forward to sharing it with you all through my blog and my newsletter.

Ok, enough about me! What about you? Have you experienced any shifts in your mindset recently that have impacted your life positively? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

And if you’re interested in diving deeper into cultivating an abundant money mindset, be sure to check out my other blog post on the topic.

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