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7 Things I Splurge on as a Minimalist

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Today, I thought I’d share a list of things I splurge on as a minimalist. I would have found such a post useful ten years ago, so I decided to write it myself.

Because no, contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not synonymous with being cheap.

personal transformation workbook

I do save a lot of money on a lot of things as a minimalist, but I also spend a decent amount on other things.

But, for a long time, I was practicing minimalism “wrong”. I was trying to cut out everything I deemed “bad”, and honestly, almost everything we do in today’s world can be seen as excessive or “bad” for the environment.

When you are a young environmentalist, adept at zero waste, eager to do everything well and who takes everything to heart… well, things can spiral out of control. And they did. I became really anxious and depressed, putting a lot of pressure on myself.

That is until I decided to adopt a more balanced approach to minimalism (and the environment, but that’s a topic for another day).

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Today, I see minimalism not as renouncing everything, but rather as figuring out what truly matters to you, focusing deeply on those things, and letting go of (sacrificing?) the rest.

And so, while I do practice minimalism, there are certain things I choose to splurge on because they bring significant value to my life.

In this post, I will share the specific things I splurge on as a minimalist and explain why they are worth it to me.

Things I splurge on as a minimalist

1. Food

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I now manage my symptoms through food and a clean lifestyle. I also discovered how much food impacts my mental health so my diet has now become a very central and intentional part of my life.

Because I follow an AIP diet, I eat whole foods and cook all my meals from scratch.

The downside is that it’s time-consuming as hell; the upside is, I am healthy, (relatively) symptom-free, emotionally more stable and happy, and I save a lot of money by avoiding takeout and packaged meals, which allows me to invest in high-quality food.

AIP diet - Wahls protocol

Although I don’t always buy organic (because, well… I ain’t rich yet), I still prioritize quality vegetables, products from local producers (when available), and traceable meats and fish when possible.

Also, I live in Canada, and eating a lot of vegetables year-round can get expensive, especially in winter. However, I gladly make this investment because it’s good for my health.

Sure, I can’t afford grass-fed meat yet, but it will come. And in the meantime, I still don’t skimp on food quality.

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2. Bedding

I don’t sleep on 1000-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, but I do have a comfortable bed.

It has a sturdy frame, ergonomic pillows, soft sheets in nice colors, and a warm duvet. I feel like a Queen 😊

comfy bed
Meet: my bed 🖤

Just because you are a minimalist does not mean you need to suffer. So, no, I don’t sleep on the floor, on a second-hand bed, or a 20-year-old mattress.

Oh, and the best part? Since I often deal with physical pain and need to sleep spread out, like a starfish (!), I got myself a king-size bed.

Sure, it was meant to be a couple’s bed, but since the boyfriend is no longer in the picture… Bed is mine!

Quality clothes

3. Clothes

Some minimalists go the thrift store route; I do that occasionally but that’s not my main go-to.

I believe in investing in quality pieces that last. That’s my choice.

Therefore, I prioritize quality clothing made from natural fabrics (my favorites being merino wool, cotton, and linen), focusing on durability and good craftsmanship.

But guys, I keep my clothes a looooonnnng time. I still have things from when I was 17 years old (I’m 35 at the time of writing this), and they still look good.

Things worth splurging on as a minimalist

For example, I bought this cashmere and alpaca wool cardiga (above) for around $250 six or seven years ago, and despite my wearing it all the time, it still looks like new. It’s a staple in my closet and the only extra warm cardigan I need/own.

4. (Online) Courses

As an entrepreneur, self-education and self-improvement are very important. Not only do I have to invest in courses to continuously grow my knowledge and skills, but I want to.

I like learning new things, and ever since diving into the personal development world, my life has TRANSFORMED. So, I won’t be stopping soon.

These courses not only make me a better human, but they also help me stay updated in my field and grow my business.

They are a valuable investment and I am not planning on spending less on courses in the near future; if anything, I expect my spending in this area will continue to grow as my income and business grow.

personal transformation workbook

5. Gifts

It’s important to me to show people I love that they matter; that I see them, and hear them. I have a savings account specifically for gifts, so I am always (relatively) prepared to buy something meaningful that will make someone happy.

I never buy things just for the sake of buying things, though. If anything, I hate giving gifts simply because it is expected of me. I’d rather give nothing than give a meaningless gift.  So, I often do just that 😉

A little gift for my sister and BIL, just because…

However, if I want to give a gift—usually an experience or something I know the recipient will truly love because I paid attention to what they care about—and it’s a bit pricey, I will buy it anyway because it will make them happy.

And that makes me happy.

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6. Healthcare

Due to my chronic illnesses (yes, plural), I can have lots of healthcare expenses.

Just last year, I spent almost $3,000 on MRIs alone, at a private clinic. I could have gone the public healthcare route, but I chose to spend the money and go to a private clinic, because that was the best thing to do for my sanity, and my mental health.

(I will write about that experience soon).

Things I buy as a minimalist

I also spend hundreds of dollars each month on eye drops, eye creams, and other eye care products. These expenses are necessary for managing my condition and maintaining my quality of life, so I’m happy to spend that money.

There was a time when I thought I might never get my eyes back, so… I’m just grateful for even having that option.

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7. Quality Footwear

On the list of things I splurge on as a minimalist: quality footwear!

Good shoes can make a significant difference in your comfort and health, especially if you’re on your feet a lot.

I’d rather spend an extra hundred dollars and be happy, than cheap out and end up with extra health problems.

Things I splurge on quality footwear
I spent 4 years searching for the perfect walking sandals. Still looking…

My new top priority is my Health and I will do everything in my power to preserve it.

So, if investing in high-quality, durable footwear can prevent foot problems and provide better support, then it makes it worth the splurge in my book.

So, reader, what do you splurge on?

Things I buy as a minimalist

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