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This super easy trick will make your buzz cut look more polished

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For all my curly/kinky haired ladies out there, if you thought shaving your head meant you would no longer have to style it… well, that’s not quite right. Sometimes, you just look like a fuzzy chick (it’s still cute, but I mean… not always the look we want to go for).

Although you could do not style your hair, (and I’ll be honest, most days I just hop in the shower, get dressed, and out the door), there are times when I want my shaved head to look smoother and shinier.

Simple steps to help you go from fuzzy to (more) polished and cute. You know, make your buzz cut more sleek.

FYI, I find this trick works best on curly/black hair, with lengths that range between 3 mm to 15 (ish) mm (or 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch). Beyond that, it’s just too long.

I will be showing you how to make your buzz cut lay flat on your head, for a more polished look

girl with a polished buzzcut

1. Wet your scalp (every day, btw)

First things first, for that sleek buzz cut look, it’s best to start with wet hair. Or wet scalp if you prefer.

You will not believe how much wetting my scalp regularly has an impact on the health and appearance of my hair. If I don’t wet my scalp daily, and even more often than that, it quickly becomes dry, itchy, and even flaky, my hair starts looking dull and greyish, and every hair strand just sticks up like a fuzzy baby chick (but less cute).

Needless to say, not a great look for a baldie.

So, start by quickly running water over your head as you shower, or grab a spray bottle filled with water or aloe vera juice (or both), or simply wet your hands a few times and give your scalp a quick and refreshing massage before moving on to the next step.

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2. Apply just a drop of oil or serum all over your head

Image from Canva

This is crucial to the sleek, polished buzz cut look. It will ensures that you lock in the moisture while giving your buzz cut a little shine. But use only a very, very small amount of oil! Or you risk having a flaky scalp.

Not the look we are going for here.

When it comes to beauty products (and everything else), my philosophy is “less is more”, especially since shaving my head.

I personally only use two oils for my hair:

Nuxe creates high-quality, precious botanical dry oils and my skin seems to love it. And as for sesame seed oil, I just love it! I use it on my face, hair, and nails and it does wonders.

You could use coconut oil, avocado oil, or any other oil that you prefer, but use it sparingly.

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3. Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head for 15 minutes while you finish getting ready

It’s important to use silk or satin, as cotton and other fabrics will just absorb all the moisture and leave your hair and scalp dry. And you are back to square one.

Image from Canva

The shorter your hair, the less time you will have to keep the scarf on. Sometimes, just 5 minutes is enough, but if your hair is longer, you can also use a hairdryer to quicken the process. That is if you have the time. If you don’t, then don’t bother ????

4. Remove the scarf and style your hair

Once you remove the scarf, you will be left will soft, shiny-looking hair but that lays flat on your head.

Not very pretty in my opinion, but if you like it… then stop here.

But at this point, I like to kind of lift the hair back up, “brushing” it using my fingertips in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can also use a wide-tooth comb…

Do it delicately and play around with it until you obtain a look you like.

FYI, I find that my hair looks even better as the day goes by.

So, you are left with more sleek, shiny, healthier looking hair that give an overall more polished look. It looks even better if you kept your buzz cut a little shorter on the sides, but longer at the top.

How about you? How do you style your shaved head?

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6 thoughts on “This super easy trick will make your buzz cut look more polished

  1. I had 2 neck operation s and can’t do anything to my hair got a buzz cut but when I sleep it’s mattered down on one side only ????‍♀️

    1. I’m so sorry about your operations. I do hope you are feeling better now. And Ahhh, the good ol’ – matted hair after sleep – problem. I get that too! 🙂 so far, I haven’t really found a solution to that but I have to say, it’s a lot less noticeable with very short buzzed hair! That’s one of the reasons why I keep buzzing it

  2. Hello,

    I deal with new growth after just one week my chair grows quickly. My buzz cut then looks like tight dry curls that are matted especially after sleeping. Any suggestions

    1. Hi Brittani, good question! Hard to tell without seeing your curls, but it happens to me too. This is why i get a headache everytime my hair starts to grow. I then have to “do my hair” everyday (this means wash and curl, etc. and ain’t nobody got time for this). Even when it’s super short, if I want it to look “nice”, I have to do what I described in this article. Everyday. My point is: there is ALWAYS maintenance. It’s just that that maintenance can be done A LOT more quickly when my hair is suuuper short (5 min) versus when I have 2-3 inches of growth (like now) (40-60 mn). Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. Other than the silk scarf, our maintenance regimen is the same. Products are different. But a rinse every morning is absolutely needed. My hair length is 1/4” & mostly gray now. The older I’ve gotten the shorter the buzz. Been wearing this style since 1985.

    So on point about the itching and flaking.

    Loved this post.

    1. Haha, love the commitment! This will probably be me in a few years, still rocking my buzzcut in 20 years. I hope so. Mine is a bit longer now, but it’s still 1000 times easier than my previous hair regimen. Thanks for the inspiration 🖤

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