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8 Must-Known Hacks for Making Your Vagina Smell Good Naturally

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What are some habits you can adopt today to keep your vagina smelling fresh?

You may be self-conscious about your vagina’s smell, but it is essential to begin by recognizing that a vagina (usually) has a mild, natural odor. There is no point in wishing that your vagina smelled like a field of lilacs; it will smell like a vagina.

However, it can still “smell bad”. You may even smell yourself through your pants.

make your vagina smell good

Concerns about vaginal odor often stem from hygiene practices or underlying health conditions, in which case you should talk to a healthcare professional ASAP.  

And in case you’re wondering, I am NOT a healthcare professional, so do your due diligence!

In this article, we will highlight natural methods to maintain vaginal freshness and keep your lady parts smelling good. This means we will steer clear of aggressive washing, scented products, and harsh cleansers.

We’ve already covered the dos and don’ts of vaginal care in another post, so make sure to check it out!

8 Must-Known Hacks to Make Your Vagina Smell Good Naturally [According to Experts]

1. Wash Your Panties Crotch by Hand

I know, I know. It’s time-consuming, and realistically, you probably won’t do it.

But, taking the time to hand wash the crotch of your panties can make a noticeable difference in odor, compared to simply tossing your underwear in the washer.

Also, there is no need for hash detergents or scented products here. A thorough cleaning without added perfumes gives fresher and healthier results.

To put it simply: well-cleaned without perfume is better than not well-cleaned with lots of perfume.

Besides, it is best to avoid scented products, as they can irritate the genital area and increase the risk of infections.

Pro tip (this tip makes it 50% more likely that I will hand wash my undies):

I often just toss my panties into the shower with me and scrub them directly while bathing. Then I hang them to dry overnight and then toss them in the laundry basket afterward.

keep vagina smelling fresh

2. Change Your Underwear Regularly

IMO, underwear hygiene is a topic that is not discussed often (and well) enough.

Make it a habit to change your underwear during the day as needed, especially after sweating or engaging in intense physical activity. Ideally, swap them out twice a day to maintain freshness.

Avoid wearing the same panties for more than a day to prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria.

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3. Replace Your Undies Regularly

I can’t be the only one who keeps her underwear for decades! (Up until not so long ago, I still had underwear from 15 years ago in my drawer.

In my defense, I take good care of my clothes and my weight hasn’t changed.

Anyway, don’t be like me.

Consider upgrading your underwear more often than every 15 years…

You may have noticed that your old underwear, especially if you haven’t religiously washed the crotch by hand throughout its lifetime, might have an underlying… smell?

That’s because, over time, underwear can accumulate bacteria, and germs from feces and genital infections, contributing (among other things) to odor retention (source: NHS).

Fresh underwear reduces the risk of unpleasant smells.

4. Rinse Your Vagina with Water Regularly

The vagina doesn’t require soap or aggressive cleaning methods to stay clean. Simply rinsing it with water or very mild soap is enough to keep it fresh and prevent bad odor (source: Bloom OB\GYN).

Don’t forget to shower regularly, of course.

However, you should avoid at all cost douching or heavily scented products, as they can disrupt the natural (and delicate) balance of your vaginal flora and lead to even more odor (and health) issues.

make vagina smell good

5. Understand the Role of Pubic Hair

While pubic hair may trap odor-causing bacteria (and make your vagina smell more), that’s because it’s simply doing its job at protecting your vagina by trapping sweat, oil, and bacteria (source: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

All you need to do to solve this issue is to rinse regularly with water and/or mild, unscented soap, and follow the other tips mentioned in this post.

You don’t have to shave to keep your vagina smelling good. But if you feel like you must groom that area, aim to strike a balance between grooming and preserving the natural protective barrier provided by pubic hair (by trimming, for example).

6. Eat More of the Foods That Make Your Vagina Smell Good

Certain foods can positively impact vaginal odor and health (source: Healthline).

I personally noticed a major change in my body odor ever since adopting an AIP diet (that’s an anti-inflammatory diet that combats inflammation and alleviates symptoms of autoimmune diseases by eliminating potentially inflammatory foods and prioritizing nutrient-dense, whole foods).

Some of the foods that can potentially improve your vagina’s health and smell include:

  • Probiotics
  • Fruits high in antioxidants, such as cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates, etc.
  • Yogurt
  • Citrus fruits

7. Eat Less of the Foods That Make Your Vagina Smell Bad

Conversely, certain foods can contribute to unpleasant vaginal odor.

You will not believe how much coffee, for example, impacted my body odor. But once I quit drinking it for good, the change was undeniable.  

To keep your vagina smelling good, try to limit your intake of processed foods, sugary snacks, and foods high in sulfur (although, personally, I eat A LOT of sulfur-rich foods as they are an important part of the AIP diet I follow.

Still, it doesn’t make me smell bad because I do everything else on this list).

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The following (non-exhaustive list of) foods have been associated with changes in vaginal smell and even taste (source: Healthline).

  • Garlic
  • Asparagus
  • Spicy foods
  • Coffee
  • Onions
vagina smell

8. Shower Before Bed and Wear Clean Underwear

Not only does research show that a warm shower before bed helps fall asleep faster (Source: Sleep Medicine Reviews), but it also allows you to clean away the day’s sweat and bacteria, ensuring a fresh start for your bedtime routine.

Putting on clean underwear afterward helps maintain hygiene overnight PLUS you are now ready for an impromptu sex session without having to worry about your vagina smelling bad or tasting weird, and being self-conscious about it.

As you can see, keeping your vagina smelling good and fresh naturally and all day is possible. But it is primarily about adopting healthy habits and embracing natural, harmonious (if not holistic) methods of self-care.

And that’s what we’re all about around here!

Do not take this lightly. Prioritizing hygiene, diet, and grooming practices is central to your comfort and self-confidence.

But remember: if you have concerns about vaginal odor or health, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for advice and guidance.

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