Too Needy_How to stop
Depression, Relationships

Why you are so needy and how to stop

You stop being too needy once you stop expecting from others what you are not giving to yourself. It can be devastating when someone accuses you of being too needy. It’s almost ironic since, if you really are ‘too needy’, you are probably desperate for that person’s approval to feel good about yourself. And yet, here they are giving you…

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How to build meaningful relationships

How do you build more meaningful relationships?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always craved deeper, more meaningful relationships in my life. Be it with my parents (who were kind, but sort of distant), my siblings (geographically far), my cousins (scattered across different countries), or with my friends.  I had friends, but it was always… weird, and when things finally got better, I was forced…

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