What it takes to love yourself
Mental Health, Relationships

What does it take to love yourself?

It is incredibly difficult to practice self-care, adopt healthy habits or build strong and healthy relationships with others if you don’t know how to love yourself properly or what it takes to love yourself. And what it takes to love yourself is a pretty wide array of qualities and skills such as self-awareness, kindness, courage, faith, humility, and a certain…

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sabotaging your relationship

7 Ways you are sabotaging your relationship

You might be wondering why your relationships never work out or why ‘they’ always leave. You might even start fearing relationships or even wonder if you are meant to be alone. But often, the simple truth is that the other person is not always the monster we believe them to be. Sometimes, WE are the ones sabotaging our relationships. And…

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Why you have no friends
Depression, Loneliness, Relationships

8 Reasons why you have no friends

It’s not that I had “no friends” per se. It’s more that I felt like I (no longer) had deep, meaningful friendships. Somehow, along the way, I had lost (or let go) most of the ‘real’ friends I had, and I wasn’t sure how I got there. I did have (very few) people around me, I just didn’t feel comfortable…

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healthy relationship tips

6 things you should never do in a healthy relationship

I’ve had my fair share of relationships: bad ones, terrible ones, okay ones… And right now, I’m in a beautiful relationship that’s been going on for 7 years. Needless to say, we’ve experienced a whole lot of things together. And I guess I’m (finally) learning a thing or two from my (numerous) past (and current) mistakes. Now, I’m in no…

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