How do you receive more love when there’s no one around?

If you’re looking for ways to receive more love in your life, I’ve got news for you: the key is to give more love. There. That’s it. You know the secret now, show’s over, we can all go home. Okay, enough playing around. I’m assuming if you want more love in your life, it’s probably because right now you feel…

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Don't beat yourself up
Depression, Mindset

Don’t beat yourself up after mistakes. Do this instead

When you are trying to reach a goal, quit a bad habit, or change any unwanted behavior, setbacks and relapses are part of the process. But being too hard on yourself, overly self-critical, or beating yourself up makes things worse. It’s a common misperception that feeling bad about relapsing is a way of holding yourself accountable and will help you…

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