I quit post it
Goals, Transformation

How Do You Quit A Job You Love?

Recently, I’ve been faced with the difficult decision of quitting (or not) a job I absolutely loved. I loved everything about it, except maybe the pay. But I liked the job so much! There, I felt happy and fulfilled and it allowed me enough space to work on other stuff I loved so, I didn’t mind the meager pay too…

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Become better at giving gifts
Relationships, Transformation

How to become better at giving gifts?

After spending most of my life convinced I was terrible at giving gifts, I was told a few times more recently that I, and I quote, “gave the best gifts”. It made me quite happy to hear that as I’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional with my gift-giving over the past years. Around 3-4 years ago, I…

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woman running
Healthy Habits, Self-care, Transformation

8 Mental Benefits of Running or How Running Transformed My Life

If I told you that running almost daily helped completely transform my life, would you believe me? Because it did. Running outside every day, no matter the weather, forces me to put into practice all the self-management skills I’m learning. It’s also the very thing that gives me enough mental strength to “manage” myself even better throughout the day. Overall,…

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