self-care myths to kill

5 Myths about self-care you need to kill right now

Self-care has been at the top of my priorities for the past 2 years. But, although my life has significantly improved in that time, it’s also been a constant struggle. Before embarking on this incredible, self-healing journey, I had never really thought about “self-care” in these specific terms. I knew I had difficulties when it came to taking care of…

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One year blogging_2021

Growing a new blog in 2021: one year of slow growth

What did my blog growth look like after one year of blogging, and how much traffic did I receive? The bottom line: I ended my first year blogging with 4 373 pageviews, 3 142 sessions, and 63 blog posts (yearly numbers). Google traffic (aka organic traffic) represented less than 20% of my overall traffic, with around +- 590 sessions from…

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