Feeling bad about yourself

Always feeling bad about yourself? Here’s how to stop

I associate feeling bad about myself with less positive thoughts and feelings such as shame, worry, envy, fear, self-hatred/loathing, victimization, etc. I used to live in this world of inferiority and negative emotions even believeing it was the norm and that nothing else existed. But I know now that it’s not true. I have found a way to remove myself…

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How to build meaningful relationships

How do you build more meaningful relationships?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always craved deeper, more meaningful relationships in my life. Be it with my parents (who were kind, but sort of distant), my siblings (geographically far), my cousins (scattered across different countries), or with my friends.  I had friends, but it was always… weird, and when things finally got better, I was forced…

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How to reward yourself

How do you reward yourself effectively?

When you are trying to change, it can be hard to stay on the right route, especially when you reach the middle of the road or are tackling different behaviors at once. That’s why rewarding yourself is so important to keep you going. In the beginning, things can appear exciting or promising and your enthusiasm may be high. But after…

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Self-healing, depression, peace
Depression, Mental Health, Self-care

How do you heal a wounded mind?

Can our mind become sick? Well, I’m no doctor, but it sure felt like mine was. After years of severe depression, mistreatment and not paying attention to it, I think my mind had become very sick and tired. Like a rotten fruit, it was iving birth to completely fucked-up thought patterns. I suppose it was all a result of mental…

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