Don't beat yourself up
Depression, Mindset

Don’t beat yourself up after mistakes. Do this instead

When you are trying to reach a goal, quit a bad habit, or change any unwanted behavior, setbacks and relapses are part of the process. But being too hard on yourself, overly self-critical, or beating yourself up makes things worse. It’s a common misperception that feeling bad about relapsing is a way of holding yourself accountable and will help you…

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Goals, Mindset

This is why your life will never change

There are two very common mindsets that will leave you powerless in the face of life’s challenges and depression and stop you from ever creating change in your life. I’m talking about the victim mindset and the martyr mindset. I say ‘creating change’ because a lot of people, I am (still from time to time) one of them, allow external…

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Too Needy_How to stop
Depression, Relationships

Why you are so needy and how to stop

You stop being too needy once you stop expecting from others what you are not giving to yourself. It can be devastating when someone accuses you of being too needy. It’s almost ironic since, if you really are ‘too needy’, you are probably desperate for that person’s approval to feel good about yourself. And yet, here they are giving you…

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