Exercise, Self-care

6 practical tips for drinking (way) more water

It’s only now that I drink a lot more water that I am able to recognise the impact dehydration had/still has on me. When I don’t drink enough water, I experience brain fog, feel more tired, moody; my eyes and tongue are dry, I have headaches, poor sleep, trouble focusing and my skin looks awful. The thing is, I was…

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Depressed Woman, caring too much
Mindset, Relationships

How to stop caring what people think?

I used to believe that constantly caring what other people think of me or worrying about others was a good thing. I thought it meant that I was nice and respectful; that I wasn’t selfish; that I was, you know, a “good” person.   I guess, in some way, my logic was that if I always did what was expected…

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Mental Health, Self-Healing

Let us not call it meditation

Pendant longtemps j’ai cru que la méditation n’était pas pour moi. L’idée m’attirait. J’avais l’intuition que d’une certaine manière la réponse à mes soucis était là. Je voulais être le genre de personne capable de méditer. Mais je n’y arrivais pas. Pendant 2 ans j’ai essayé. J’ai persisté. J’ai échoué. Si je me sentais agitée et que je me disais : « Il faut…

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