Depression, Mindset

Think you have nothing to be grateful for? Read this

Do you have trouble finding things to be grateful for when life is hard? Sometimes things can be so hard for us, or we get so caught up in our “problems”, that we don’t see how blessed we are, or we “forget” all the amazing opportunities we have to feel gratitude every day. Sometimes, especially in western countries, we focus…

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Want To Start Running During The Winter Months? Do This

Are you thinking about giving up your daily jog because winter is coming? Do you think you don’t have what it takes to start running outside in the middle of January? After years of fearing it, I realized that running in the cold is no different from running in any other type of weather. It’s actually better! But maybe that’s…

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How to make hard decisions? 8 Tips to help you face impossible choices

Making life-changing, hard decisions (like changing countries, moving out or breaking up) can be difficult. Hell, even small changes seem impossible! Change disrupts our routine; we no longer feel safe, and generally, that change is accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of discomfort that we try to avoid at all costs. That discomfort shows up in many forms, like self-doubt, fear,…

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