Why you have no friends
Depression, Loneliness, Relationships

8 Reasons why you have no friends

It’s not that I had “no friends” per se. It’s more that I felt like I (no longer) had deep, meaningful friendships. Somehow, along the way, I had lost (or let go) most of the ‘real’ friends I had, and I wasn’t sure how I got there. I did have (very few) people around me, I just didn’t feel comfortable…

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No one to hang out with

What to do when you have no one to hang out with?

Are you feeling particularly lonely right now because it’s Friday night and you have no friends, no family or simply no one to hang out with? If you are wondering if you are the only one feeling like this, I assure you, you are not. And if you are wondering what you should do about it, well, you could start…

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