I quit post it
Goals, Transformation

How Do You Quit A Job You Love?

Recently, I’ve been faced with the difficult decision of quitting (or not) a job I absolutely loved. I loved everything about it, except maybe the pay. But I liked the job so much! There, I felt happy and fulfilled and it allowed me enough space to work on other stuff I loved so, I didn’t mind the meager pay too…

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woman with salad
Goals, Mental Health

Is it rude to bring your own food to someone’s house: the real answer

When you are on a restrictive diet like the Wahls Protocol, an anti-inflammatory diet designed for people with auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, then figuring out how to survive social situations can be a real b*tch. Managing dietary restrictions in social contexts can become such a headache that I’ve seriously wondered if I should just stop…

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can't achieve my goals

8 Reasons why you can never achieve your goals

Sometimes it seems like you just cannot achieve your goals. Sure, for a while there, it felt like you were getting somewhere, and things were going well… until they weren’t. You had made significant steps towards your goal(s), but somehow, now you are in a position that feels like you’re back to square one. And suddenly, what you thought was…

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How to become more creative even without any artistic skills

Can you become a more creative person when your imagination is dead or you have no artistic skills? Turns out, it’s possible. With an open mind, will, patience, focus, and consistent practice hopefully followed by a growing passion for a specific subject, you can become a more creative person or reawaken your creative mind. I was able to discover a…

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