Too Needy_How to stop
Depression, Relationships

Why you are so needy and how to stop

You stop being too needy once you stop expecting from others what you are not giving to yourself. It can be devastating when someone accuses you of being too needy. It’s almost ironic since, if you really are ‘too needy’, you are probably desperate for that person’s approval to feel good about yourself. And yet, here they are giving you…

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Feeling bad about yourself

Always feeling bad about yourself? Here’s how to stop

I associate feeling bad about myself with less positive thoughts and feelings such as shame, worry, envy, fear, self-hatred/loathing, victimization, etc. I used to live in this world of inferiority and negative emotions even believeing it was the norm and that nothing else existed. But I know now that it’s not true. I have found a way to remove myself…

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Self-healing, depression, peace
Depression, Mental Health, Self-care

How do you heal a wounded mind?

Can our mind become sick? Well, I’m no doctor, but it sure felt like mine was. After years of severe depression, mistreatment and not paying attention to it, I think my mind had become very sick and tired. Like a rotten fruit, it was iving birth to completely fucked-up thought patterns. I suppose it was all a result of mental…

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Depression, Mindset

Think you have nothing to be grateful for? Read this

Do you have trouble finding things to be grateful for when life is hard? Sometimes things can be so hard for us, or we get so caught up in our “problems”, that we don’t see how blessed we are, or we “forget” all the amazing opportunities we have to feel gratitude every day. Sometimes, especially in western countries, we focus…

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