All that stuff you own
Depression, Mental Health

All that “stuff” you own is ruining your life

Four years after I first started massively decluttering every aspect of my life (it’s a process, not an overnight thing), it still amazes me how quickly my mental health takes a nosedive the moment “stuff” starts accumulating. When I’m feeling depressed again or just not quite well… one look around and there it is: clutter or just too much stuff…

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Don't beat yourself up
Depression, Mindset

Don’t beat yourself up after mistakes. Do this instead

When you are trying to reach a goal, quit a bad habit, or change any unwanted behavior, setbacks and relapses are part of the process. But being too hard on yourself, overly self-critical, or beating yourself up makes things worse. It’s a common misperception that feeling bad about relapsing is a way of holding yourself accountable and will help you…

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