Why you have no friends
Depression, Loneliness, Relationships

8 Reasons why you have no friends

It’s not that I had “no friends” per se. It’s more that I felt like I (no longer) had deep, meaningful friendships. Somehow, along the way, I had lost (or let go) most of the ‘real’ friends I had, and I wasn’t sure how I got there. I did have (very few) people around me, I just didn’t feel comfortable…

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Life is too hard
Depression, Mental Health

Life is hard but you’re making it harder

I spent most of my life certain that life was too hard for me to handle. I was not cut out for this sad and miserable existence that was basically a game where humans are perpetually playing roles, or “acting” (faking?). Life just felt too overwhelming for me and I didn’t want to “play” anymore.   The thought of having…

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